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Bale wrapper, Hay rake, Tub grinder


Forward Farm lines represents several leading agricultural brands who manufacture high quality equipment. We represent: Bale Wrappers, TMR Mixers, Bale Movers, Hay Rakes, Tub Grinders, Bale Processors and Manure Equipment.


Anderson has been manufacturing hay wrappers since 1988. Anderson is the only bale wrapper manufacturer to have a full line of bale wrapping and bale handling equipment. Anderson Inline wrappers are the only wrapper on the market that has a fully automatic fully hydraulic and mechanical wrapping action.

Anderson’s commitment to quality is implemented with an in-house bale wrapper research and development center, laser cutting, CNC machines and a new state of the art facility with over 100 employees. Their dedication to being the leader of innovation was recognized in 2011 with two AE 50 awards and has given them a reputation to be proud of.

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TMR Mixers

Anderson manufactures an industry-leading line of Vertical TMR mixers which deliver a uniform ration that resists sorting. This mixer features: standard wireless Smart Control, hydraulically controlled restrictor blades, rolled tub, AR steel, quiet belt conveyor, and a comprehensive warranty. Manufactured in Quebec, the Anderson TMR mixer is the product of years of marketing and development. Anderson Partnered with an industry leader in the European market to bring this TMR to North America.

Self-Loading Bale Carriers

Anderson manufactures a full line of Self Loading Bale Carriers designed for wet or dry bales and are able to haul rounds, squares and stack squares. These pull type movers feature Heavy Duty frame, Hydraulic chain-less unloading and flotation tires. Self-loading bale carriers make bailage easier, reduce soil compaction, and reduce crop loss, not to mention, save time and money

Hay Rakes

The DARF hay rake combines rugged quality with proven technology. For over 50 years, industry leaders in dairy and agriculture have chosen the DARF hay rake for its reliability and ease of operation. With up to 17 wheels and 24 models, DARF has a hay rake to fit your operation and your specific field needs. DAARF rakes are Rugged enough to handle the use and abuse given to them on a daily basis, Gentle enough even for your most delicate forages, and fast enough to keep up to the demands of modern farming.

Why settle for second best?

DARF delivers reliable, field-proven hay rake designs built using the best materials. DARF stands up to the toughest jobs, day after day.

DARF’s trailing mounted cranks and walking beams deliver gentle hay handling with less shatter, even at higher speeds.

DARF’s wheel rake design allows for faster field operation than “bar style” rakes, with less leaf loss.
Contact us to learn how the DARF hay rake can save you time and money.

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Tub Grinders

Roto Grind Tub Grinder & Grain Grinders are capable of grinding all types of forages, grains, and other feeds. This machine controls how fine the grind is without using screens. Manufactured by Burrows Enterprises in Greely Colorado, this unique hammer mill style grinder has been manufactured since 1977. ROTO Grind grinders offer value, versatility, low horsepower, low maintenance, and simple design. ROTO Grind uses the force of the hammers to blow the material and doesn’t require an additional blower. 


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Bale Processors

Anderson manufactures the PRO-CHOP. This Processor chops hay, bedding and bailage with an aggressive rotor and movable top gate, counter knife and screen. These features allow Anderson PRO-Chop to size material to desired length. This unit self-loads and can handle either 2 round bales or one square.

Manure Equipment

Trinovation offers a wide array of manure equipment including hose coilers, humpers, in line manure choppers, and injection systems. These products are built primarily for hose systems however the inline chopper and injection bars have great crossover abilities with tanked systems.

Manure Scrapers

Forward Products Rubber Tire Manure Scrapers come in widths from 5-feet to 9-feet wide. The standard frame mount is designed to connect with the universal quick attach system used by all skid steer brands. These scrapers are built tough with tube steel construction to handle rigorous everyday use.

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Feed Scraper

feed scraper

The Forward Products’ feed scraper has a replaceable bottom rubber blade. The feed scraper frame is made of tubular steel, stands tall enough for the biggest of piles and is wide enough that you won’t run over feed.  The feed scraper easily attaches to any universal skid steer back plate mount.

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