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Feed Scraper and Manure Scrapers by Forward Products

Feed Scraper and Manure Scrapers

Forward Products issues two unique manufactured products; feed scraper and manure scrapers. The following explains why using our products is beneficial. To learn more about products from other high quality agricultural equipment dealers that we represent, visit our Product Page.

Forward Products Manure Alley Scrapers

manure scrapersFor­ward Prod­ucts’ Manure Scrapers come in widths from 5-feet to 9-feet wide. The stan­dard frame mount is designed to con­nect with the uni­ver­sal quick-tach sys­tem used by all skid steer man­u­fac­tur­ers. Forward Products Manure Scrap­ers fea­ture dis­tinct dif­fer­ences, including:

  • Wherever a bolt or nut comes in contact with the rubber we use a stainless steel washer.
  • The bolt on the outside edge that fastens the chain on the under side of the tire is indented into the tire to prevent the bolt head from prematurely wearing off.
  • The frame that the back drag fastens to is made of 3 inch x 4 inch x ¼ inch tube steel for strength.
  • A unique safety feature is that a step grip is welded on the frame where the operator’s foot first comes in contact. This ensures that when the operator enters and exits the skid steer s/he does not slip.
  • A frame should last 2-4 tires. Our tire is easily replaced for 1/3 the price of a new complete unit by simply cutting off the old bolts, laying the frame on top of the new tire, drilling new holes and fastening the tire to the frame.

Forward Products Feed Scraper

Pushing Up Feed

feed scraperThe Forward Products’ feed scraper has a replaceable bottom rubber blade.  The back drop performs like a snow plow when moving the feed back to the bunk.  The feed scraper frame is made of tubular steel, and the unit sticks beyond the skid steer tire by 24-28 inches, depending on the size of the tires.  The feed scraper easily attaches to any universal skid steer back plate mount.

Forward Products’ Feed Alley Scrapers:

  • Keep feed Fresh
  • Prevent sorting
  • Encourage feed consumption

All Forward Products’ Feed Alley Scrapers have:

  • Replaceable rubber bottom
  • Main Frame tube Steel construction
  • Foot Grip on Frame
  • Steep angel to roll feed to bunk.

We have three styles of Feed Scrapers.

Rugged and economical one way feed pushing.

Rigid V
Pushes feed in either direction to keep feed in front of the cattle and not out the door.

Floating V
This scraper has a spring and pin shock absorbing design to avoid excessive down pressure and wear. This unique system makes this scraper hired man proof!

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