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Feed Scraper and Manure Scrapers by Forward Products

Feed Scraper and Manure Scrapers

For­ward Prod­ucts issues two unique man­u­fac­tured prod­ucts; feed scraper and manure scrap­ers. The fol­low­ing explains why using our prod­ucts is ben­e­fi­cial. To learn more about prod­ucts from oth­er high qual­i­ty agri­cul­tur­al equip­ment deal­ers that we rep­re­sent, vis­it our Prod­uct Page.

Forward Products Manure Alley Scrapers

manure scrapersFor­ward Prod­ucts’ Manure Scrap­ers come in widths from 5-feet to 9-feet wide. The stan­dard frame mount is designed to con­nect with the uni­ver­sal quick-tach sys­tem used by all skid steer man­u­fac­tur­ers. For­ward Prod­ucts Manure Scrap­ers fea­ture dis­tinct dif­fer­ences, includ­ing:

  • Wher­ev­er a bolt or nut comes in con­tact with the rub­ber we use a stain­less steel wash­er.
  • The bolt on the out­side edge that fas­tens the chain on the under side of the tire is indent­ed into the tire to pre­vent the bolt head from pre­ma­ture­ly wear­ing off.
  • The frame that the back drag fas­tens to is made of 3 inch x 4 inch x ¼ inch tube steel for strength.
  • A unique safe­ty fea­ture is that a step grip is weld­ed on the frame where the operator’s foot first comes in con­tact. This ensures that when the oper­a­tor enters and exits the skid steer s/he does not slip.
  • A frame should last 2 – 4 tires. Our tire is eas­i­ly replaced for 1/3 the price of a new com­plete unit by sim­ply cut­ting off the old bolts, lay­ing the frame on top of the new tire, drilling new holes and fas­ten­ing the tire to the frame.

Forward Products Feed Scraper

Pushing Up Feed

feed scraperThe For­ward Prod­ucts’ feed scraper has a replace­able bot­tom rub­ber blade.  The back drop per­forms like a snow plow when mov­ing the feed back to the bunk.  The feed scraper frame is made of tubu­lar steel, and the unit sticks beyond the skid steer tire by 24 – 28 inch­es, depend­ing on the size of the tires.  The feed scraper eas­i­ly attach­es to any uni­ver­sal skid steer back plate mount.

For­ward Prod­ucts’ Feed Alley Scrap­ers:

  • Keep feed Fresh
  • Pre­vent sort­ing
  • Encour­age feed con­sump­tion

All For­ward Prod­ucts’ Feed Alley Scrap­ers have:

  • Replace­able rub­ber bot­tom
  • Main Frame tube Steel con­struc­tion
  • Foot Grip on Frame
  • Steep angel to roll feed to bunk.

We have three styles of Feed Scrapers.

Rugged and eco­nom­i­cal one way feed push­ing.

Rigid V
Push­es feed in either direc­tion to keep feed in front of the cat­tle and not out the door.

Float­ing V
This scraper has a spring and pin shock absorb­ing design to avoid exces­sive down pres­sure and wear. This unique sys­tem makes this scraper hired man proof!

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